You've scanned your patient digitally and sent them on their way.  Now you sit staring in awe at the impression on the computer screen.  What next?

This course is designed for the novice to this new world of in-office 3D printing.  Our goal is to get you going on some simple digital procedures with a relatively low entry point (free or low cost).  You will learn to clean up your scans, put a base on them for printing, complete diagnostic setups, make implant surgical guides for simple cases, occlusal splints, and digital dentures.  These have proven to be easy and quick ways to recover the cost of your 3D printer and have a blast along the way.

You will learn to use a few different computer programs and get hands on experience printing your own designs.  Learn the whole process from design to cleaning up that printed product.  This is a hands on course where you will be learning on your own computer how to manuever these programs.


We will use Meshmixer to clean up a model, prepare the model for printing, and complete a diagnostic setup. The goal is to get you comfortable with some of the basics of 3D printing and CAD...a precursor to the rest of the course.

We will open up Blue Sky Plan and go through the steps of fabricating a surgical guide for a simple case. In fact, we will take the case we did in the morning and plan an implant under the setup


Utilize free CAD software to design a denture for 3D printing and/or milling. We will also cover some of the clinical steps involved with digitizing the impressions, capturing records, and maintaining the patient's vertical in the software

Fabricate an occlusal splint by combining both Blue Sky Plan and Meshmixer.