For many years, dentures have had little progression. With the rise of digital technologies, the denture process has stood on its head. Digital dentures are exploding throughout our industry with all major players working on their own methods. We are all faced with choosing a system and knowing how to navigate the differences in this digital workflow.

This course is for everyone, whether you are a doctor, educator, or technician. While the course is being held at AvaDent headquarters, the course is meant to cover digital dentures in general. We plan to touch on all systems and discuss the pros and cons of each. Because we are going to be at AvaDent though, we will be able to take a tour to see how they work their magic.

Over two days, we plan to cover a lot of material. Some of the topics are as follows:
- Basics of dentures
- Basics of digital (in general)
- How digital dentures can be more profitable
- Using intraoral scanners
- Border molding principles (including hands on practice with chewing gum)
- Review of available systems with pros and cons of each
- How to shorten the number of appointments
- Learn multiple techniques for gathering records
- Options for digitizing impressions and records
- A glimpse into what might be possible in the future with Virtual Reality (yes, you get to try VR glasses)
- Discussion on options for teeth and where things are likely going
- Learn about the pros and cons of CAM (milling vs. printing)

Come and learn from some leaders in the digital denture movement, prosthodontist who have completed hundreds of digital dentures in the last couple years. We are on the cutting edge of this shift and have learned a lot along the way. We are excited to help you pick up some tips and tricks that we know will make the transition to digital more easy.