Full arch implant rehabilitations require precision, attention to detail, and efficiency in order to pull them off accurately with longevity. Many of us have restored these with metal frames, acrylic teeth, and denture acrylics. Those of you that have, have you seen what they look like in a matter of just a few years? Are patients frustrated when they bust teeth off their new and expensive prosthesis?

Come join us for a 2 full day immersion in full arch treatment planning and execution of these prostheses. Learn why you should consider stepping away from the traditional metal-acrylic hybrids and expand your vision with other materials in the boom of digital dentistry. We will cover the new emerging materials being used as a non-metal alternative (e.g. Pekkton, Trinia, Trilor, etc.) for hybrid frameworks.

Learn how to design the wax up, the wear-home try-ins, and the finals digitally in Exocad (dental design software) before learning the ins and outs of printing and milling through this entire process.

Come join a tandem of prosthodontists who have dedicated their practice to striving for a full digital workflow for their patients. Immerse yourself in the answers to the questions that have plagued your mind in wanting to provide this treatment in a more predictable fashion for your patients. During this packed 2-day course, you can expect to experience the following:

  • History of hybrids and an overview on how it's been done since Branemark's initial designs
  • Treatment planning – How, why, what, how many?
  • Clinical steps for pre-operative planning and success
  • How to utilize digital impression techniques in planning & executing your interim prostheses
  • Immediate load & conversion prostheses
  • Occlusal scheme planning for interims vs. finals
  • Digital workflows for designing the prosthetics in Exocad
  • Step-by-step instructions for final restorations
  • How many appointments?
  • What materials?
  • What techinques?
  • Patient management tricks?
  • Utilizing the interims for final prosthesis design
  • Framework design
  • Crown materials

We will also have models for you to see up close how these different materials look and feel, both for frameworks and crowns.